Resupply in Idyllwild

7 days worth of food:
3 packs of jerky
2 bags chili cheese Fritos
2 bars of sea salt/coffee chocolate bars
1 jar peanut butter
Salted almonds/cashews
1 box stove top stuffing
2 packs Idahoan mashed po
1 bag craisons
1 pack of bear claws
3 apples
1 avacado
3 boxes nature valley bars 
2 boxes chocolate fudge pop tarts
1 bag bbq kettle chips
1 bag goldfish 
1 bottle ibuprofen 
1 travel sized toothpaste
1 bag wasabi peas
6 fruit leathers
Some string cheese
(Not pictured: 5 clif bars, 3 backpackers pantry meals ((pasta veg parm, Hawaii style chicken w rice & Kathmandu curry))... Nom nom nom)